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For many people, living near the water is very appealing, and that makes Boston's North Shore the ideal place to live. Featuring 30 miles of coastline, Boston's North Shore is the coastal region in the state of Massachusetts. It is situated between Boston and New Hampshire. Several cities are located in this area, including Salem, Essex, Gloucester, Revere, Beverly, Ipswich, Lynn, Winthrop, Salisbury and Rockport. With its many beaches and fishing spots, the North Shore is a popular region for tourists of all kinds. Both working-class and wealthy people can find a spot where they will feel right at home.


There's always a lot to do on the North Shore. It is home to countless restaurants, museums, nightlife, historic buildings and other tourist attractions and amusement parks. There's even a singing beach at Manchester-by-the-Sea. Other beaches include Revere Beach, Ipwich's Crane Beach and Good Harbor Beach, which is located in Gloucester. Seafood lovers will be in heaven when they taste the seafood that is cooked fresh, caught straight from the Atlantic Ocean. Beer lovers can enjoy the selections available at various breweries such as Cape Ann Brewing Company, Riverwalk Brewing Company, Newburyport Brewing Company, Ipswich Ale Brewery, and the Tap Brewing Company. Italian lovers can grab a bite to eat at the area's many Italian restaurants, such as 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar in Salem.

North Shore's Cities


Known as the birthplace of the U.S. Navy and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the city of Beverly is made up of both urban and rural areas. The city has many parks, five beaches and two yacht clubs. Beverly has several elementary schools. In addition there is a middle school, a couple of high schools and numerous private schools. Institutes of higher learning include Endicott College and the Montserrat College of Art. Beverly is home to The Cabot Street Cinema Theatre and The North Shore Music Theatre.


The city of Gloucester is a popular vacation spot. It is divided into five sections: East Gloucester, Downtown, The Western Edge, North Gloucester and West Gloucester. The city has many elementary schools in addition to a high school and a middle school. Gloucester is important to the fishing industry because of its substantial fishing port. Gorton's of Gloucester is nationally recognized for its seafood business, and is responsible for the Gorton's Fisherman symbol now popular all over the world. Many movies were shot in Gloucester, including "The Good Son," "Grown Ups" and "The Perfect Storm." Popular landmarks include the Cape Ann Museum, Ravenswood Park, White-Ellery House and the Man at the Wheel statute.


Manchester-by-the-sea is also known as simply Manchester. The city began as a fishing community that later developed into a popular place for summer homes. One of its most popular attractions is Singing Beach. It got its name because when someone walks on the sand, the beach "sings." Other points of interest in Manchester include the rock called Eaglehead, Crow Island, Trask House Museum and the Kragsyde Mansion. Movies filmed in the city include "The Proposal," "What's the Worst That Could Happen" and "Mermaids."


Revere, Massachusetts was named for Paul Revere, who fought in the Revolutionary War. Attractions include Kelly's Roast Beef, which claims to have invented the roast beef sandwich. There's also Revere Beach, which is the United States' oldest public beach. Revere Beach has undergone many changes over the years. It was destroyed in the Great Blizzard of '78 and has since been renovated with a newly re-sanded beach, high-rises and pavilions. The beach officially reopened in May of 1992. Other sites of interest include Wonderland Greyhound Park, Winthrop Parkway, Immaculate Conception Rectory, Revere Beach Reservation Historic District and Necco, the oldest candy company in the United States and creator of the Clark Bar. Revere has two high schools, three middle schools and private elementary schools for students to attend.


One of the most famous cities of the North Shore, Salem is notorious because it is the site of the Salem Witch Trials, and its culture reflects this legacy. The name Salem comes from a Hebrew word that means peace, and the name is also associated with the city of Jerusalem in the Bible. Salem is divided into several small neighborhoods, which include Salem Neck, North Salem, South Salem and Downtown Salem. Tourist attractions include the House of the Seven Gables, the Witch House, the Salem Witch Museum, the Peabody Essex Museum, the Salem Seaport and Misery Islands. Its downtown district is known as one of the best places for shopping. As seems fitting for the home of the witches, several episodes of "Bewitched" were filmed in Salem.

Finding a Home in Boston's North Shore

Boston's North Shore is filled with options for entertainment and options to suit more cultural tastes, and it provides many options for those searching for a place to call home. There are many residential areas scattered throughout the various cities of the North Shore, which provide affordable residential and luxury apartments of all sizes, with amenities that make one truly feel at home. The North Shore offers varies opportunities for those who love the water, and it is known for its stunning and distinctive handcrafted homes, English manors and gorgeous mansions, which include oceanfront, riverfront and lakefront residential areas. These properties often include large sprawling estates sitting on large acres, with numerous bedrooms, two or more baths, in-ground pools, landscaped gardens, private beaches, cozy decorative fireplaces, walk-in closets, hardwood floors, two-car garages, panoramic views, sunrooms, spacious master suites and modern, spacious kitchens perfect for entertaining and equipped with high-end appliances. There are many vacancies in the North Shore area, so finding a place to live should be a simple process. Whether one is searching for a loft, a townhouse, a condominium, a house, a simple apartment, or a relaxing summer vacation rental, chances are the North Shore offers accommodations that will suit every need and enable its residents to enjoy all that Boston's North Shore has to offer.